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Since you ask for HD I would have to go with the Hi-Point 9mm. But the 22 would work just about as well especially with a hicap mag. Plus your kids and wife could use it with very little training. But that could be said for the 9mm too.

I have both and my hipoint seems to be on permanent loan to my oldest son. I do have a marlin camp carbine that ain't going nowhere but here. I really like that gun.

But on the other side of the coin how much chance is there that you will be home invaded or burlarized? I have been buying HD guns for 35 years or better and haven't needed one yet. I have a 12 guage and a 10/22 plus a mini-14 all ready for an attack. Thankfully none has came.

If you just want to shoot and have a gun that will do in a pinch for HD get the 10/22. Learn to use it and keep a low profile. Practice is cheap. Don't advertise what you own. And the Maverick shotguns are a good deal. My buddy has one. It will do what you want to protect your home.
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