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It's only a good choice if she'll carry it

In reply to a different thread I posted my problem saying:

As much as my wife loves the old 1911 and by extension the Sig 238, she can't bring herself to carry such a gun cocked and locked. My S&W 637 and 638 weren't bad solutions but they aren't much fun to shoot particularly with +p so she won't carry them. What she is now wants is a Kahr P380 (which neither of us has shot). If it were up me for 9mm it would be between a Glock 26 and a Kahr PM9 I know there are all sorts of other guns that might fit the bill but for reasons not worth going into this is it. The concern is just how much does one "give up" going "down" to the P380? Remember it is "pretty" and concealable.

To that I will add is she has shot a Kel-Tec P3AT and will have nothing to do with it or its kin. Any thoughts?

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