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Bartholow, B. D., Anderson, C. A., & Carnagey, N. L. (2005). Interactive effects of life experience and situational cues on aggression: The weapons priming effect in hunters and nonhunters. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 41, 48-60.

Every hunter you know is not a sample to claim generalizability. I can come up with a TX hunter who says he is happy to register all his guns to save the children. Nice guy - so anecdotes mean nothing conclusive.

There is clearly two gun cultures:

Wyant, B.R., & Taylor, R. B. (2007). Size of household firearm collections: implication for subcultures and gender. Criminology, 45, 519-546.

While there is overlap, you cannot count of the sports culture to be progun in the sense we've been talking about.
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