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Went to the Eastman Show in Macon I few weeks back.

Went on sunday because Pop had to work Saturday and I was hunting.

Nary a modern semi-automatic rifle with a black finish to be seen. Saw a few Mini-14s. No magazines worth buying, just some junk STANAG ones and Beta-C drum mags.

Correction- there was one H&K-91 with a 4,000 price tag on it. My love of all things Burt Gummer only goes so far.

The double stack polymer pistols were pretty well picked over, but, if you were willing to look a bit you could probably find every Glock or XD variation in existence there.

Plenty of plain jane Mossberg 500s and Remington 870s, but a noticed lack of any sort of shotgun with a pistol grip or rail on it.

Next to no pistol mags. Little in the way of reloading supplies. Bulk ammo was scare.
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