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Xaak I stopped taking internet posters serious after I got my second Mini-14 and had two that shot far better than some would have you believe. And I am sure there are better ARs than the DPMS I bought. But as long as it works and is decently accurate it will do everything I want it to do. I am not about to spend $2000 or better just for a gun that throws away my brass. This is a blaster for me. To go along with my mini for HD and plinking at my buddies land. And so far I like it a lot.

I just took it apart and ran a patch down the barrel. I took the bolt apart to see how it worked and to lube it. What a simple design. No wonder people are so hung up on these guns.

I checked the sights with a laser bore sighter. With the elevation set on the 6/3 per the manual the elevation looks very close. I had to crank in a little left to have the dot on top of the post. Shooting will do the fine tuning. Maybe this weekend if it warms up a little.
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