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Just buy a lighter sporter one with the synthetic stock for carry and basic plinking .

I have 5 .22s Ruger , Savage , Marlin , Jennings and they all have there purpose . My 10/22 is all tactical looking , Savage is my heavy barrel target gun and my Jenning is one of those guns that just sits in the safe cus it's junk

Are you planning on doing more work then just a new lighter stock ? I would make that thing heavier and use it as a target rifle

Here is some quick numbers for the 22lr

Your Round 40 gr. .140 B.C.


Yards Velocity Trajectory MOA

Muzzle 1100

100 941 0 0

200 842 -37.7" 18

300 765 -124.4" 39.6

400 699 -270.6" 64.6

500 640 -488.8" 93.3

Link to a rimfire chart of rimfire rounds velocity , BC

Link to ballistic calculator

EDIT: sorry it will not let me line up the numbers under each corisponding label .
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