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some carry types have other restrictions. Pocket carry is not friendly to seated draws.
I agree. But relative to compromise, I am shaped like a "V", no butt or hips, so unless I wear an excessively tight belt, my belt, and pants would migrate down around my ankles. For range use, I can get away with a belt holster for an hour or so, (with frequent up-pulls and I am constructing a Sam Browne belt w/shoulder strap to help with that), but for concealed carry it is not possible either IWB or OWB. I am stuck pretty much with pocket carry and suspenders. That is a compromise I must make. Seated I do not worry too much...the only scenario (I am retired, hardly ever sit in public), I can conceive of is someone desperate enough to try to hijack my Chevy Colorado pick-up, which is somewhat unlikely. Walking across parking lots to Walmart and being intercepted is more likely. A lot of the times, when traversing parking lots, I stuff both hands into my pockets as if I am cold; but have my right hand on my S&W 36 Snubbie, ready to go. So, it is a compromise, but not a very significant one. In all, pocket carry accommodates my body shape and my life-style.
2) if I rely on draw speed to resolve the issue, and not on movement, then I am probably more likely to get stabbed, sliced, struck, or shot. I train to draw while moving. Movement options include forward or rear diagonals, pivots, parries and redirects, and/or physical engagement - plus draw as appropriate.
I see that logic in that. But again, a healthy person could do that, and I may be able to do that after my January 22 aortic valve replacement and 3 by-passes. But until then, such dancing would leave me exhausted and with chest pains. With such physical problems, I cannot do much dancing around...another compromise specific to my personal condition. I compensate by being very aware of, and maintaining awareness of the physical position of all the people in my vicinity.
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