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busted by my new chrono
Welcome to reality, LOL. The first thing my Beta Master did was prove that a couple of .44 Mag loads were about 150 fps south of where various written works estimated them. Really bothered me until I realized I'd already made several hundred pounds of venison, courtesy of those wimp loads.

My primary use of a chronograph is for exactly what you did- to insure my reloads are producing the velocity--and consequently pressure--I am trying to achieve. I also use it to measure consistency; but I have arrived at the conclusion that Standard Deviation is irrelevant compared to what the target is telling me.

Just FWIW, H4895 has consistently produced velocities at or near published velocities for me in a number of cartridges- and excellent accuracy as well. I always liked the stuff, but the both Beta Master and the Target confirmed it was going to be my 'go to' rifle powder.
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