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In a previous response to one of your posts I mentioned the issue of the tab on the recoil spring plug of the Officers ACP. But even this is not the major problem many claim it to be. First, the autor of this article is in error in claiming that most makers of Officers-size 1911s "slavishly" copy the Colt system. That's simply not the case. The only company I know of that did copy it was para-Ordnance with their esarly P12.45 pistols. But they went away from that style recoil assembly in the early to mid-2000s. Colt doesn't use it in their Defender and New Agent pistols. I don't think you'll find any current make of "compact" (meaning 3-1/2" or 3") 1911s that uses the recoil spring plug with the small retaining tab.
Also, keep in mind that the article linked to is dated to 1994. Things change.
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