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After reading Paw Paw's post, it occurred to me that I did not take into account my frame of reference. For my purposes (my frame of reference), I was thinking in terms of my preferred position for fast draw, 3:00 or slightly forward. In that position a forward cant requires me to "break" my wrist, so I prefer a vertical orientation. But, for concealment purposes, people may position their holsters to the rear of the 3:00 position, and doing so, I can see where having a forward cant (instead of my preferred vertical), would be a more natural position.

It would seem that there are physical factors that dictate where a person would want to hang their holstered guns. When I was young, I liked the "Mexican carry", of sticking a 1911 between the butt and the hip bone with a slight forward cant...especically answering the door at night. However, with arthritis locking my shoulder joints, reaching back that far is only done with some difficulty. It is a shame...that carry with a 1911 seemed to be made for one another (in some circumstances).
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