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I don't know what the "node" is Dan's talking about, but the following loads have been very accurate with all 168-gr. bullets in the .308 Win. case. If any one won't shoot better than 3/4 moa at 100, it ain't their fault. Some seating depth differences may be needed.

39 grains of IMR3031 - favorite load for military rifle teams in the '60's
42 grains of IMR4895 - Average charge for M852 match ammo
43 grains of Varget - newcomer to this list; just is darned good
41 grains of IMR4064 - super accurate reduced load; popular with competitors
44 grains of IMR4064 - popular load for competition service and bolt rifles

Cut the charge about 1 grain if cases are heavier than 180 grains, increase the charge about 1 grain if cases are lighter than 160 grains.
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