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Some shopping observations

I've been stopping by local sporting goods stores and also Bass Pro. Not to be in a panic but looking for bargains on other stuff (like socks) as I have the time off.

At the gun counters, I've noticed:

1. The EBRs are gone. Bolt guns are there and interestingly, tactical type shotguns.

2. Handguns are low but some Springfields and Berettas around around.

3. NO mags except some 5 round AR mags.

4. Ammo - 9s, 45s and 22 LR are gone. Same with 223. Interesting, I've seen a good deal of 40 SW still in stock as is 38 SPL, 31 ACP and 380. Since these are common in SD - I thought they would be gone but not around here.

If you shoot 44 mag or 41 or 22 WMR - plenty around. Lots of 308.

So what else do you see in what remains as compared to what is gone?
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