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I keep a list of guns that I want. When I go to gun shows I morally take more money than I really need just in case I find one on the list. I go with the knowledge of what each is worth and ready to buy if I see one.
Several months ago I purchased the gun that’s been on that list for over 30 years. Specific model, caliber and barrel length. I paid more than what it was worth (not a lot) but how much longer before another comes my way and how much will the price increase in that time?
Yes I do buy spur of the moment guns but they are few and far between. I try to keep up to date on most guns that I would be interested in and hope to be able to tell what a good/bad deal is.
As far as ammo, type ?
Anything 44 special. Older Hi power, WWII 1911A1, New in the box S&W 5 inch 27, S&W four inch 696, S&W 25-5 Effector, there are more but you get the idea.
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