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maybe... "Mr. Pres, you've got a phone call." "From who?" "Kenya." "Who?" "The mayor of a village." What do they want?" ...

Call Leno fast!
Thats Great!!! I may have to steal that one too.

I appreciate everyones help and suggestions. I even took theohazards advice and checked out the flip up rear sites. Did you know some of those suckers are well over $200 bucks!!! I gotta rethink this some. This could get real expensive.

I am glad I got a rifle before everything started going crazy. New postings on GB are already reflecting mark ups on the guns. I had a bid on a second AR but a new buyer with no rating hit the Buy Now button. I stll have the option on another rifle. I haven't hit the reserve price yet. I suspect it will be snatched away from me also. I did get three 20 round mags. I have 3 thirty rounders I bought when they were on sale a couple of years ago.
A village in Kenya called. They want their idiot back.

The phone has been answered and the idiot will soon be headed back to his village.
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