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Quentin thanks for the links and pointing out the differences between a good site and a cheaper knock off.

And I don't intend to carry my rifle like a "breifcase". (that was funny) Its just that I LIKE open sights and I LIKE the way an AR looks with a carry handle on it. And this isn't a range toy. It will be kept in the closet with a loaded mag next to it ready to defend if needed. After I am sighted in I like to put targets like cans or rocks on the far side of my buddies pond and start shooting. I like the challenge of open sights. Thats why I practice with them more than other sight systems.

I put a scope on my Mini-14 when I first got it. That lasted about 15 minutes. I hated how it looked and how it felt. Its back to open sights and I dobt it will ever wear a scope again.
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