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...because I like the swing characteristics better at that weight...
I smiled at that, thinking about my own bird hunting.
Swing? Who gets to swing?
I am hunting with the setter, Belle, in the game lands up on North Mt. in PA. She is quartering and then, suddenly, stops in front of one of a gazillion huckleberry bushes that surround us. She is quivering in a classic point. I walk up to her...I know the bird is there. Makes no I approach, a rocket clothed in feathers erupts from the other side of the bush at about a million miles an hour and accelerates. I see feathers through the branches. Somehow the gun is up at my shoulder (did I do that?) and I fire the right barrel through the bush at the ever smaller target. Sometimes I get lucky.
So....I want a gun that points fast.
"Only hunting and mountain climbing are sports. The rest are just games." - R.Ruark
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