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Mobuck I like open sights. And i have dug through my box-o-scopes and picked out a couple to mount. But scopes make poor sites for close range self defense. And red dots rely on batteries. I know that they make very good red dots but like Clint Smith said after the balloon goes up everyone will be back to fixed sights. I may shoot more with a scope but I want the option of open sights. Besides I just like the original AR look.

Here is the thread I started a couple of weeks ago. I have been looking at getting an AR for a long time. I just never seemed to be able to make up my mind.

If you read through this you will see I really wanted a traditional AR with a carry handle. I have been outbid on two of the guns mentioned in this thread. I have a chance at a third one and may take a shot at that one too. Oh dear. Am I getting AR fever?
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