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I'll tell you what, I am going to have a few cocktails now and several hours out I will check back and re-read this joke and see if I can laugh at it if "slightly lubed-up" ...

I will post results sometime thereafter.
Just finished college for fall, so very tired still, and trying to watch TV..

Anyways, the Taurus 94, it grew on me. I had a walther p-22 but then I got a Taurus 94 and got rid of the p-22. Didn't have to pay $30+ a magazine. I still drool over it today, lcr -22 S&W 617 and the Taurus is still my fav. I wish the lcr had was DA/SA then it would be my fav. The S&W 617 would be my fav but it is not in 2" snuby, I bought the 4" model.
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