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I guess you have to distinguish among roles:
1. hunting
2. defense
3. combination of 1 and 2
4. law enforcement
1. Chopped Ruger SRH
2. Glock 30
3. Glock 30 w/.460 Rowland Conversion
4. Glock 21, equipped as in #3 above.

[QUOTE-kraigwy]Not needed, I've dispatched many with my 4 in Model 28 in 357 using LSWCs[/QUOTE]

So YOU are the reason Bullwinkle git cancelled.
“Nine-tenths of tactics are certain, and taught in books: but the irrational tenth is like the kingfisher flashing across the pool, and that is the test of generals. It can only be ensured by instinct, sharpened by thought practicing the stroke so often that at the crisis it is as natural as a reflex.” ~ T. E. Lawrence
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