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However, the best weapon available is one of the polymer-framed, high-capacity, .40 caliber compact guns, with a set of night sights: A state of the art TOOL. You can strap on a sexy hog-leg or custom .45, whatever, and it probably won't make a difference, but lots of guys have died trying to be cool in combat...
Here's my state of the art TOOL - an FNP45 Tactical w/Trijicon RMR02 mini red dot sight. Cocked and locked carry, 15+1 capacity .45ACP loaded with Ranger T +Ps and it weighs less loaded than steel 1911. IMO, this is the ideal duty carry piece.

BTW, .45s make holes that .40s envy, and that's before they start expanding. I've carried 9s, .38s, .357s, .40s and .45s on duty, my preference will always be big bullets and my FN put lots of them at my disposal.

Oh yeah, I do carry a sexy custom 1911 off duty and I'm very cool.

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