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Originally Posted by Koda94
is it just me, or does it seem that the trend of public shootings does not discriminate against social status?

I agree, Happy Valley is a nice neighborhood. I live in Portland and am devastated by the news.
I took a criminal behavior class a couple of semesters ago and we discussed mass shooters and how they can occur any place and any time, it is a matter of prespective and how the media portrays it. My text book stated that mass shooters struck at targets that were soft, populated, and would make headlines. Malls, schools, etc. Which I, personally to be consider class neutral.

To further this, I read an editorial on the Chicago Tribune's online page today as I was doing my happy dance about the 7th's ruling. The author was sprouting the typical anti-gun "streets will be chaos" propaganda. What was striking to me was a comment left by another reader:
"How is this different from what Chicago already is?"

Further note, somwhat directed at Captain Stuart in regards to his daughter, or Glenn who used to live there, from what I've been reading, the mall was a posted gun free zone.
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