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.429 and .430 are normal sizes for the 44. Rugers normally like a slightly larger bullet. I use 431 lead in my Super Blackhawk and 77/44.
I agree with oldpapps, stick with 240’s. For jacketed bullets you need velocity to get them expand that much.
I also never got the accuracy that I have with lead. I shoot lead almost exclusively.
If you do decide to try lead here are a couple from Penn.
He has a 240 truncated cone that has accuracy that I have never topped with any bullet that I have ever tried, and I have tried a lot. And 1400 FPS out of a rifle is easy to achieve.
The one that is a bulldozer for deer at reasonable range is his 320. It drops like a rock after 50 yards but you should see what it does to a deer at 75. But out of my Super Blackhawk it’s hard on the hand.
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