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Below is a video of a man getting shot in the abdomen with a .38 Special 158 grain lead round nose, standard velocity. It looks like it hurt and it was a fatal injury.
I never said it would not produce a fatal wound. I said it is a dismal stopper. The important thing in context is how fast someone stops trying to kill you. We both agree that this is a poor choice for SD.
Being old enough, and having an unusually good memory, to remember this, Oswald was unlucky enough to have several vital organs hit with that single bullet. A statement made at the time was, "...hit every major organ in his body...", was somewhat of an exaggeration, but nevertheless enough organs were hit that his death was a certainty from the time he was hit. Most gunshot wounds would not have hit so many vital organs.
Sometimes you get what you pay for, sometimes you only pay more for what you get.
Three shots are not a "group"...they are a "few".

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