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I've been carrying 180-grain rounds for about 3 years, Federal HSTs and Speer Gold Dots. Both outstanding designs.

Recently, having read some issues about bullet setback possibly creating dangerous pressure levels in .40 S&W guns, I have decided that when I swap I'll be going with 165-grainers.

While I think Winchester Ranger T-Series, Remington Golden Saber, Federal HST, and Speer Gold Dot are all excellent rounds, I prefer HST and Gold Dot because I have found ATK's quality control (ATK makes both of these) superior to other brands.

While Hornady's Critical Duty is a very cool looking round, I've seen and heard of more issues with Hornady pistol ammo than any of the above mentioned rounds - squib rounds, loose primers, etc.

The 165 and 180 weights in .40 S&W have well-documented histories of being very effective, and the 155 is no slouch either.

The Gen 4 Glock 23 is an excellent platform for the .40 S&W, and arguably the best 4th-gen Glock. Good choice.
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