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How are you going to explain in court that your life was in danger with an assailant 25 yards (75 feet way)?
Because he had a shotgun? Or a rifle? Or was shooting at me?
Nevertheless, FBI statistics indicate any gunfight (self-protection included) is most likely to happen at seven yards, not 25. Therefore, for defense, one does not require adjustable sights. He/she may however believe they do despite the statistics and the reality of the distances involved in shootings. Or even, just like their looks...I am willing to admit that I would rather buy a snubby with adjustable sights than one without for aesthetic not functional reasons.
Sometimes you get what you pay for, sometimes you only pay more for what you get.
Three shots are not a "group"...they are a "few".

If the Bible is the literal, infallible, unerring word of God...where are all those witches I am supposed to kill? (Exodus 22:18)
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