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I just wanted to share my recent new learned knowledge, for the less than the .02 its worth. I have been carrying for several years, with just a regular dickies wally world special belt, that I thought was pretty stiff and sturdy, and worked well. Last week I picked up a Galco insrtuctor belt at the Sig shop, and I am just amazed with it. Its probably the most comfy belt I have ever owned, regardless of the carry function. Add this belt to my new Milt Sparks holster for my 229, and it feels like you are just wearing a belt, and nothing more. I have heard so many times how much of a difference a good belt makes, and I am now understanding what its all about. If you dont have a good carry belt, think about getting one, you will be very happy you did. The Galco I have was 50 bucks, and Im sure there are some nicer options, but for the price I am incredibly impressed.
Concealed carry while wearing casual clothing perhaps. But, it would stand out like a Humpty Dumpty ensemble if in dress/office, sport coat clothing. Unless of course your co-workers were used to you showing up in a sport coat and a feather boa anyway. In short, if it were part of a swat-black duty rig, it would be perfect. But, to blend in with civilian clothing, no.
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