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I started with a polymer gun. I prefer polymer guns. I am okay with them being called "plastic" if metal-frame fans insist, but it's inaccurate. There are worlds of difference between the high-tech polymers used on modern service pistols and the stuff used on kids' toys at the drug store.

I enjoy alloy and steel frames. The 92FS is maybe my favorite platform ever and who can turn down the beauty of a 1911 or my dad's awesome Colt Python?

From a purely practical standpoint, though, the polymer guns have proven themselves over and over again. They're temperature tolerant, flex reduces recoil and also allows the gun to be battered around without many issues, and much, much better at corrosion and element resistance. Dip a polymer frame in salt water all day, then do the same with a metal frame without a quality anti-corrosion finish, and leave both out for a week to see what happens. While polymers frames can and do crack on occasion, in general any abuse that will break a polymer frame would bend parts on a metal frame and both guns would be just as useless. On top of all that, they're cheaper.

So they're not BETTER. Certainly not CLASSIER. But are they practically AS GOOD? Yeah.
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