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As has already been stated, for strictly paper target work at range I see no advantage for a mil dot reticule. Primarily because, unlike a sniper dealing with time available to shoot and wind/moving targets, your paper will sit still and wind/elevation adjustments can be determined without a time worry. Mil dots are great for human sized targets. Very fine X-hairs at 600 yards are helpful with center x ring aiming.
I agree for the most part however we do it all . range estimation , timed shots , timed to estimate and take the shot .I have done well estimating the range of targets as small as 30" . The math for that is ( inchs x 27.77 divided by the mils = the yards to target ) We do not have a way to make targets move yet so thats out for now . I say 600 to 800 but really i'll be shooting 100 to 1,000 . The problem for me is Im in San Diego and ther are very few public ( BLM ) places to shoot 1,000 yards that I kind find . They are hours away from me , I wish I could just step out my back door and have a range . Im sure we all do .
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