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I'd work as a 150 yard rifle if you load it warm & shoot it real well. The problem, as I see it, is that if you misjudge your distance the trajectory will contribute to misses, or worse, bad 'hits'.

This is from someone who loves the 45 Colt, owned the 16" version, loaded it hot & (generally) shot it pretty well. The eye opener for me came when I took it out and started shooting random targets at unknown ranges, across a 200 yard section of pasture with a few little dips and rises on it. Somewhere just past 125 yards, it became real easy to shoot dirt instead of my intended target.

I followed with my old iron-sighted 94 Winchester and destroyed them at will. The difference was startling and provided some insight as to why the 30-30 was seen as such a world-beater in its heyday.
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