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I've had two malfunctions out of the approximately 1,000 rounds fired through my LCP. The first I was waiting for. I was seeing how many times I could take it to the range without cleaning or lubing it. I think I was at visit 3-4, around 200+ rounds in, when I had a case stick in the chamber. It was PMC Bronze FMJ. About 500 rounds later, I was introducing the pistol to a friend and shooting out my old carry ammo to put fresh in. A 102-grain Golden Saber nosed up in the feed ramp and jammed. Easily cleared, and since I've had plenty of the Saber feed perfectly, I'm pretty positive he limp-wristed it. I still keep the 102-grain Golden Saber loaded.

Neither malfunction troubles me. When I'm actually carrying it, I maintain it very exactingly, and I shoot with a firm, steady grip. I've had one malfunction from lip-writing with a friend's new Ruger SR9. I was getting used to the trigger and the shot took me by surprise, I limp-wristed BADLY, I was calling it a jam before I ever saw that it was, and sure enough, failure to eject.

My failure rate has been exceedingly low. Of all the centerfire pistols I've ever shot, I think I've had 5-6 failures total in tens of thousands of rounds.
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