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I picked up a Big 5 91/30 that's a '43 Izzy, that I subsequently converted to a PU sniper. It came out really good, and is a fantastic shooter. I have yet to physically sit down with it and do some good hard zeroing in and printing, but I trust it'll be a sub 3-MOA rifle no problem.

I HAD () a 1944 M-44 from Big 5 as well, but I traded it in after a while. I know that's against one of the golden rules of firearms, but I was just never attached to it. It bugged me how far POI changed with the bayonet folded/unfolded. So it's gone, and I don't really miss it.

My latest is a Non-CAI import () '34 Tula hex receiver in a laminate stock. I got if off Gunbroker for $75 The seller thought the toe splice in the stock had been a recent repair, so it was pretty discounted. The bore is beautiful as well, and shoots as well as the sniper (especially since I did the old Russian sniper trigger mods to it as well). Both of my Mosins' triggers break at about 3-4 pounds. I think it would make a beautiful repro PEM sniper as well.

I would love to get another, that I think would probably end up as an Obrez pistol...
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