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The OP is suggesting we as firearms/weapons/<insert subtype here> owners play the same game as the other side and add spin to the words we use. Trying to use smoke and mirrors does us no good for various reasons. In part , if we were to make a concerted effort as a community to disavow the idea that firearms are weapons by refusing to use that word to describe them, it hinders the idea of many 2A arguments that firearms are for self-defense and not only "sporting purposes".

It's one thing what you call them in everyday life, but playing political spin games and denying a core aspect of what firearms are is another
I may agree with this in principal , the reality is quite different . The left is winning the PR war and if we don't start playing by the same rules we will lose . ( no one wants new taxes but new revenues is OK ) wording matters ! As much as we don't like it , this garbage SELLS . This last election shows this to be true . Proceeding with blinders on hoping the 2nd amendment will speak for it's self is a very risky plan .
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