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I'm simply not paranoid enough or so fearful of others or of being attacked that I'm willing to miserably lug around a large gun year after year.
We're not talking about so big of a difference as if the choices are carrying a Desert Eagle or an LCP. That's what I don't personally understand about those that keep advocating the LCP based on weight. We're talking a few ounces max difference in weight. And before folks start talking about how ounces add up, I get that. But with a decent IWB holster weight really isn't a massive issue. And I'm someone who when carries does so for 12 hrs a day.

I always find it interesting when people reference the relative unlikelihood of needing their gun as justification for shooting one that may be inadequate. If one lived in a war zone, one would want a full-size high capacity gun, but if one lives in suburbia, a 5 or 6 shot, small caliber gun is fine.
I also find this notion hilarious. "I don't live in a war zone". If I lived in a war zone, I sure as heck wouldn't be carrying around a pistol. I'd by carrying around a rifle. It's true that the vast majority of us will never have to use our CCW to defend ourselves. But to me it's worth the minute extra hassle to carry a 9mm as opposed to the 380 to gain the increase in penetration. YMMV.
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