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I object to calling it a weapon too on the basis of my Ruger 77/22 is a rifle that I use to shoot small groups at 100 yards. My 22/45 is a handgun that my girlfriend uses to make Diet Coke cans dance about in the back yard. Those are guns are not being used as weapons. However, my M-4A1 that I carried in the Sandbox is a weapon, provided I was using it to fight bad guys, not run it in a three gun match.

What's that old saw "I'm the weapon; my gun is the tool" or something like that? While I find that a bit melodramatic, I don't think any sort of gun, be it a .22 match rifle or a BAR sitting in an armory is a weapon anymore than the old F-4s sitting in the bone yard. They are tools and object. They don't anything on thier own.
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