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This scenario seems to depend on someone having committed a felony*, been discovered, and is currently facing down the business end of a lethal weapon** deciding that he's feeling lucky and disobeying the person with the weapon.

IMO, that's making a big assumption. But let's make it.

Depending on the perp's escape route, his escape might make him a BIGGER threat. For example, if I or a loved one is between him and the door/winder, I'm not going to take his word for it that he's leaving. Any closure of distance to someone in my home is going to be seen as a threat, and in Missouri, the law has my back.***

IMO, if he's leaving in a direction away from everybody in the home and is no threat, then keep him covered as he runs, but let him go. The rule of thumb for me is that unless someone innocent is in danger, the consequences of even a legally justified shooting are worse than not shooting. If I can avoid shooting, I will, UNLESS it means a loved one is likely to be harmed.

*A felony that in states with Castle Doctrine laws gives the homeowner the benefit of the doubt should something happen to the perp, mind you.

**When I first typed this, I said "lethal women." Depending on who finds him, this could very well be the case.

***Castle Doctrine states will likely have different legal ramifications than others unless it's a pretty egregious shooting (such as shooting a perp in the back as he exits the front door).
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