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Help Clear Up a Legal Question: Holding a BG at Gunpoint

Hi, me again.

So, me and My Dad sometimes get into small debates over gun laws and castle doctrine, et cetera. (He, unfortunately, is for 'reasonable restrictions' and gun laws 'keeping with the times'.) Anyway, during one of these quote on quote debates. He claims that if I were to find a BG in my home, (Robbing me, attempting to shoot me, whatever the case may be.) I would, if they say something to the tune of, "I am going to leave now.) I could not do anything whatsoever to keep him there to later be put under arrest by the police that hopefully have been summoned via the 911 system sometime earlier.

Is this true, can a BG simply leave by stating he is doing so? All input (On aforementioned legal question, don't want this closed.) is welcome.

Oh, if it helps, I live in NM.
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