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I'm surprised this is such a difficult question. Yes, RKBA is both a natural right and an enumerated right, and I believe that American governments have far exceeded their authority infringing the RKBA. But here we are: our rights are being infringed, and as always there are groups and governments threatening to infringe them more.

The question I posed here is not whether we can or should move the needle on the scale of infringement, but rather assuming we can hold it constant how we might reshuffle the current infringement.
It is not that your question is difficult, or that we don't understand your premise. It is the assumption that we can, "hold it constant" while we, "reshuffle the current infringement" that we reject. In the same way that negotiating with terrorists is a losing tactic that will incite more terror, conceding that high capacity magazines are an acceptable loss for the return of rights currently held hostage will only embolden anti-gun activists. Game theory notwithstanding, a simple quid pro quo is neither desirable nor acceptable when it comes to our 2A rights.
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