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I'm clearly on the way down in my shooting. I've made some pretty nice shots over the years, winning lots of matches and turkey shoots. I still can shoot offhand pretty well, but am not quite as good as I was five years ago.

This week, I was fortunate enough to kill a grouse by hitting it in the head at 35+ yards with my .270 Win, as it walked along ahead of me on a snowmobile trail. That made my day. The deer I killed yesterday was just too easy; 70 yards offhand at a standing broadside target isn't much of a challenge, but the meat will probably taste just as good as last year's shot; a left-handed one on a running buck, from a tree stand.
People are like rifles. Some are tried and true, having great eyes, personality, and fun to be with. Others never seem to hit the mark with you. Still others go off half-cocked. Still, it's nice to know most of them.
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