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Shot the group pictured below last week, rapidfire. S&W 45ACP Nightguard at 7 yards (21 feet). Maybe its time to go back to the DA/SA Sig ...and tighten up that 6-shot group.
I love a nice revolver, good shooting!

because I don't want to have to take the time to exorcise my fingers so that a 12 pound trigger pull feels normal.
It's usually more like 10 lbs, but I get your point. However, I think it's odd that people act like getting to that hand strength is a waste. I've found that getting my fingers and hands stronger, so that 12 lb pulls are managed easily enough, has also helped my shooting with rifles and other pistols with different actions. I seem to have more control.

I do not want to have to try to remember whether I'm packing hammer down or hammer back when I have a split second to defend myself, my family and my property.
I can't ever imagine a situation where I am packing hammer back with a DA/SA pistol.
Guns don't kill people. Apes with guns kill people! - Robin Williams
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