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Its not too bad on a Sig, but that's about it, every other DA/SA is more difficult.
That statement is so broad it might cover the Grand Canyon. I can think of a number of DA pulls that aren't too bad. HK P-series for one. Never heard anyone call the DA on a P99 "bad" before.

Well if my first DA shot misses, it might get me killed.
If you're that bad with a DA then you need more training with it. At about 15 yds I typically put my DA shot 2" out from POA, conservatively. With a DA pull I've worked on a bit I don't really notice the difference. It's a training issue. Obviously a DA/SA pistol shouldn't be carried until competency with that system has been reached.

I do like DA/SA, but gotta admit a pure striker fired pistol, ie, a PPS, a Glock, etc. can be drawn and fired more quickly/accuarately than a hammer or striker fired DA/SA pistol.
/Sigh. Again, look up Jerry Miculek. Must be camera tricks right?
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