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I also don't like the DA/SA trigger for self-defense use.
Neither have good triggers but I really don't like DA/SA triggers.
(Same thing goes for decockers.)
The DA/SA trigger is the biggest factor for me though. I just prefer a consistent pull.
I see this a lot on this forum. I've got no problem with people preferring a different trigger system than me. But some of the comments that come with it make me scratch my head.

How is a DA/SA pistol bad for self-defense? What use it is good for then?

I can understand not liking DA/SA, that's your choice. What is bad about a decocker?

The pull doesn't change on you randomly, so it is consistent. The first pull, starting in DA, is always heavier than the second. I think you mean you want every pull to be the same weight.
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