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Here is an update on my feeding problem. I ordered and received the EGW magazine catch today. Upon installing it I found that the EGW is a bit over sized and the end with the screw head would not fit through the opening. After some nudging with a soft hammer I got it to go in and tapping it in and out about 100 times it began to fit better, however, once fully installed I can't eject the the magazine without a tap of the hammer because it's still binding somewhere.
Again I am perplexed why you took this route? You have not verified that the mag catch was the problem yet you have pounded one in and out of your frame 100 times. For the cost of the new mag catch you could have purchased a chip McCormick Power mag or other mag of equal quality and properly trouble shot this pistol. I hope you did not damage your frame. The part should have been fitted to the frame not pounded into the frame.

I am not trying to be harsh but the first course of action before you did anything else should have been to determine if the mags were the source of the issue.
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