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IMO what ever you use make sure is more on the thick side .The hotter the bolt gets the thinner your lube will get . I used CLP for a while It seemed to work just fine . Im using Slip 2000 EWL 30 right now till I run out then I may try something else maybe some axel grease but I do like this Slip stuff . The EWL 30 is very thick , not as thick as some greases but way WAY thicker then CLP . When you put it on the BCG it stays there . It does not run off down in to the buffer tube or out between the receivers by the buffer when left in the safe for awhile . When you use something thick like grease or this Slip stuff you know when you grab your gun it will be good to go and will stay wet for many rounds .

In short for your BCG use the thicker stuff - Slip , frog lube , motor oil whatever Im sure they all will work well and really CLP is very good , if it's good enough for our soldiers it will be more then adequate for us at the range .
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