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Good on ya randyc. Feel is important, yet the old proof of the pudding will be shooting it properly. If your friend has not yet shot a Glock, that will be her next step in the process.

Hopefully she has a range nearby that will let her run a box or three of ammo through a 17 and perhaps a 19 just to get the feel of the recoil and trigger break/reset. Have her do a little research on the different generations of Glocks with their resultant issues, real or perceived, to make sure the one she gets is the one that shoots best in her hands. Perhaps a bit of class time/training session as well?

I would think, that exercise should provide her with the acknowledgement your assistance empowered (I really dislike that word for some reason) her in her decision. (sorry for the really awkward sentence structure on my part, me trying to be glib... fail)

Will she carry? If so, in one of your productions?
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