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Wider "Rogers & Spencer" type triggerguard for a 1858 Pietta?

Does anyone commercially make a wider triggerguard for the Pietta 1858 revolver?

The stock triggerguard is nice, but when I am wearing heavy winter gloves it is hard to put my finger in there without touching the trigger, and when my finger goes in there, the hammer is 99% of the time cocked and ready to fire. And with 400+ foot-pounds of energy inside waiting to be released, touching the trigger is not what I want to do.

Actually, the original 1858s HAD wide triggerguards, I've seen pictures of the old buckaroos who carried them I think they look more rugged and sightly that the brass ones used on the Piettas

I would like it if there is a "Rogers & Spencer" style guard available, in blued. Otherwise I might have to machine my own from some spring steel stock that I have.
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