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Strictly speaking I don't think the founding fathers ever intended for felons in general to still be breathing after a felony conviction. I would argue that if your not in prison and you are mentally competent to be on the street that you have a right to a firearm. (I am not a lawyer and what I am giving here is my opinion on a constitutional issue. This is not in any way advice for anyone to violate the law.)

I would argue that any delay in a lawful person being able to purchase a gun is unconstitutional. The federal government exist to preserve freedom, defend the nation and ensure fair trade. I do not believe the founders ever intended the federal government to be in the business of regulating guns and gun usage.

Freedom didn't come with a guarantee of protection from all harm what it came with was the guaranteed right to bear arms so you could protect yourself and your family. I don't think that as a matter of rights that felons permanently loose rights just because of a conviction. If they have the right to live among the rest of us then there rights must have been in some way restored, either that or we need a lot more prison capacity.

Yes, I know I'm an idealist but those that came before us lived and died to fight for ideals that often IMHO get walked upon today.
I would say I mostly agree with you here (what part of "shall not be infringed" do politicians not understand?). I won't nitpick what I don't agree with, since that would most likely be off topic. Unfortunately, we have what we have, and it's very likely it won't go away. Having said that, my point was merely that the poster I quoted should be glad that there is a process to appeal. NICS does a good job at what it's intended to do. Whether we should have the system at all? Well, that's another discussion altogether.
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