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As a cattle farmer, I consider suirrels nothing but a nuisance, and one just a bit too swift for my big sister's aging cat to get after.

My Mother also makes very good squirrel and rabbit stew, so there is that.

My preferred weapon is my Ruger 77/22 with whatever bulk pack .22 I happen to grab on my way out the door.

Some of my best hunting stories come from times spent with my best friend/battle buddy/hetero-sexual life partner and I would go hunting, me taking my 77/22 for squirrel and He taking his Savage .17 HMR for armadillo.
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Me: "The .45 GAP was an answer to the question nobody asked."
Trooper pal: "Says the guy who thinks .38 Super and 10mm are viable pistol calibers and gets mad when Wal-Mart doesn't have them."
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