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I usually go with Glock

I've got "upper end" 1911's (Les Baer, Ed Brown) and like them fine but typically carry a Glock.

My most frequent method of carry is appendix IWB or Smartcarry and a full size 1911 won't work; I had 3'' 1911's for those methods and still went back to the subcompact 26/27/33 or 29/30 size Glock.

When I do carry strong side IWB, the 1911 is noticeably thinner (IMO it's main asset to me) than the Glock and therefore potentially more comfortable. Still, a Glock 23, or 32 is usually going on my hip.

Out of my 32 (.375 SiG) I've obtained the following averages for 5 shots:
CCI Speer Gold Dot 125 gr. @ 1,334 fps / 494# KE
Winchester Ranger T 125 gr. @ 1,340 fps / 499# KE
Cor-Bon 125 gr. @ 1,380 fps / 528# KE

If you want a semi-auto that replicated the ballistics of your model 19 revolver the Glock 32 is it.

Although, the hot .40 S&W loads are nearly in the same boat when looking at KE:
Glock 23 (40 S&W):
Winchester Ranger T 165 gr. @ 1,125 fps / 464# KE
CCI Speer Gold Dot 155 gr. @ 1,171 fps / 472# KE

My 29SF (10mm) can easily top the prior two pistols in the KE department and felt recoil isn't much worse since the slide is a little thicker & heavier. I've only tried one load and decided to stick with it since it's controlable, works 100% in my pistol and I've been able to duplicate the load exactly with my own handloads.
Hornady 155 gr. XTP @ 1,278 fps / 562# KE

Edit: You mentioned 45 acp, my model 30SF delivers the following:
Winchester Ranger T 230 gr. @ 874 fps / 390# KE / PF 201
Hornady 185 XTP handload @ 970 fps / 387# KE / PF 179
Although the KE produced by those to loads ^ is nearly the same I much prefer my handload for control and speed of 2nd / subsequent shots.
PF = power factor (bullet weight x bullet speed / 1,000) and the calculation matches my impression, the 185 bullet produces less recoil.

I like Pearce +0 base plate with pinky rest on my 29SF and it definitely helps with control; however, on the 30SF the base is different, on both the factory 10 round mag base and Pearce, and I can't tolerate either. My pinky gets pinched with either of those; so, I use the flush fitting 9 round magazine and have no room for pinky.

All those numbers are actual averages from my pistols, not data from a website, calculation, or side of a box.
Criminals and psychos are mobile and my show up in "good" areas unexpectedly, carry accordingly.
Carry the gun you would you would prefer to defend your life with, in the off chance you have to.

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