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Granted, DAO triggers aren't for everyone. I cussed them for years and then it dawned on me that since I shot well with DA revolvers, I really didn't have any excuse not to shoot equally well with DA autos. Adapt, improvise... heck I can shoot a Sigma pretty well, now. By comparison, the 24/7 pro trigger reminds me of some PPC revolvers I've shot. Smooth and reasonably light, with just a hint of staging before the break.

Speaking of PPC... during my brief exposure to it, "well used stock service revolvers with rack grade ammo' is exactly what we used. Warningshot is correct in his assertion that they will shoot as well as the pictured Millennium Pro did; but they are different animals entirely.

My purpose was not to establish the mechanical accuracy limits of the PT-140 or I would have shot it from the bench at 50 yards, and with something better than American Eagle FMJ. The Pro shot well for a small auto chambered for a potent cartridge. It doesn't give up much to full-grown service pistols.

I don't really need any 'justification for buying' one, except with the Missus, and she she dropped five and a half Benjamins on a pistol last year. My biggest problem with her will be shooting up all my reloads, if she likes it.

Thanks for the comments.
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