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The Taurus 24/7 Thread

I’ve never been a big ‘Taurus guy’ for a couple of reasons. The first one is that their QC has been spotty. The second is that they when they introduce a gun that I like, they discontinue it ASAP and replace it with something goofy. For instance they made a 3”, fixed sight .44 Mag DA snub with about a 3” barrel. Most of which went to gun writers who penned articles makng me want one badly. Same goes for the Model 450, 5-shot snub in 45 Long Colt. Damn nifty little gun... scare as hen's teeth now.

Their 24/7 series autos have hung on a little longer. I did a small CCW class last week and one of the guys had a 24/7 ‘Pro’ in .40 caliber. It was a mid-size auto, not much bigger than a Glock 23 but with a full-cap mag. It had real decent Heine ‘Straight 8’ sights. The DA trigger was light, smooth & stopped just short of the firing moment- very predictable & easy to hit with. There was a second-strike capability, if that matters to you. I liked the grip, the angle and the feel of it. These pistols have a 1911-style safety in the location I’m familiar with and I like a safety for IWB carry. So I start hunting a 24/7 Pro with a blackened slide, in 45 Auto.

I wanted to try one of these guns at some distance, to see how the trigger worked for precise shooting. Problem is, the mid-size ‘Pro’ version has been discontinued so test examples are scarce.

My boss has a PT-140, which is slightly bigger than a G-27, so I begged it for a range session. I'm not exactly recoil-shy but you can tell when this one goes off. I figured if I could hit with this little beast, hitting with the larger 45 variant would be a cake walk. 15 & 25 yard results were good and the gun never choked, so I walked to the back of the short range and fired 5 shots with my wrists rested on the top of the car door. I think it shows promise.

OK, I am bitten and I want some 24/7 user reports. I'm not brand loyal to anything so good or bad reports are welcome. I am particularly interested in the Pro Models in 45 ACP (any size) but any series or caliber is welcome.

Thanks in advance for your input.
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